The Stone Age Computer

1993 Mathilde μP

We've had the fitness age, were old and young got into physical exercise. Now we are in the techno age, were old and young is going 'data diving'. Like an aggressive weed, on every desktops sprouts the pride of the household; the computer. Big, white plastic and in screaming contradiction with the already existing workplace.

The user has to 'consume' kilo's of manuals, to master this beauty. Which is always sold to be 'user friendly'. But the more user friendly it is, the more one is fighting with this machine to conquer bugs. Finally one finds itself with a 'terminal pale' face and cramped 'desktop' muscles, behind a wall of paper and off-white equipment. It is time to go for action. Time to get back into physical live.

Get into the primitive mode. Hit the Stone Age keyboard, where rocks represent the keys. Squeeze the water sacs, dangling aside the keyboard representing the simultaneous keys (Alt, Shift, Control). Get the feeling how you push data through the computer.

The Stone-Age Computer is very organic, natural and in great contradiction to the conventional image of computers. The Stone-Age Computer is made like a miniature Japanese garden. The rocks, which function like a normal keyboard are imbedded in soil, moss and other living wild plants. Which shall be kept alive during the exhibition in the normal way with water, and the computer on.


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