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In about 3 days, about 490 people battled for the honour of being a Power Pong winner. Some gave it a try just for sake of the experience, others fought to become best in the game. At the sideline of the battlefield in the middle of intense dynamo noise, Diana Ozon and I jotted down in shifts, the moments of glory. As final result, here they are the winners with their story.

Thursday 09-08-2001
12 xYiem 1' Winner 10 years old (spectra video experience)
7 xOzon Won from Mathilde µP (hand copied it from C-64 magazine)
Tubeman 35 years (learned it at a friends place when he was 12)
Stefan (Exercised long ago on a Atari
Arendje (Had a box with turning knobs plugged in the tv)
4 x Jaime 28 years (played it 18 years ago on a game-controller
5 x Alice 25 (15 years ago played it controlling a finger joystick and tv)
Robert 39 (the only he already understands in 20 years)
Martin 19 (learned it when he was 3 or 4 on a tv box)
Rob 29 (experience on a MSX at home when he was a kid)
Johannes 27 (Mastered it on a C-64 15 years ago)
Coco 26 (Never had won a computer game before!!)
Toiletjuf (Just did it when the game was first on the market)
Johan Doping! (Hardly ever plays, but won from Tim with 10-2)
Drew 21 (Just walked in without 60 hours of sleep. Never played Pong)
Toon & Gilad (Worked together on an open-source Pong project in the 70')
Jaap (Looks like 'Break-out', but that's a generation later)
Peter 22 (When everybody did it 8086 XT)

Friday 10-08-2001
Sam 38 (Plays Pong since age 12)
3 xFunky 34 (played the original)
Tets 26 (no quote)
5 x Mark Jan (Final Scratch Pong: Turntable controlled Pong)
Kristel (Used the doping)
4 xBranko (Written psychodelic Pong game for Amiga 1200)
Gabor (Commodore 64 expert)
6 xZorro (Knew the game from his Amiga times)
Paul V (Is a good biker, lots of experience in Amsterdam rush hours)
2 x Bas (Used to have an Atari when he was 1m tall)
2 x Alexei (Always knew Pong)
Gio (Learned it by hanging out in the shopping mall)
Gino (Played a 4 game in one: Tennis, squash, hockey ...and ...Long ago)
Phyio (Weee! Peddle fast, win lots! Weee)
Franz (First computer game experience with Hercules monitor in a bar/bowling centre table)
Andre (First game I had)
Mathilde (Learned it while building Power Pong)
Pesco (First written programme for intel 486)
Vincento (Got it for free with an ABN bank account for kids)
Nico (Apple II C experience)
Disney (Spitball Nintendo device )
Owen (Played Pong for the first time his opponent was sober and lost)
Sec (On the Palmpong, download from the net for the Palmtop
2 x Sebastian 34 (Played some Pong at friends as a child when people didn't have computers)
Holger (Beginners luck and electronicer)
Laura (Never learned it: just felt it was her lucky moment)
Maurice 35 (Ponged 30 years ago)
Its (Years of bike experience)
Erwin (Atari-ST experience)
Koen (Had a Vic-20, C-64, 386, pentium, AMD-k6-II 550 and still going Pong)
Anette (psychological warfare)
Geoff 45 (Still owns a Pong game)
Bart (Won because the opponent gave in)
Jeroen (Used to own a Pong game)
Harv (Ported the game to Amiga)
Jens (Parents own Pong game)
Patricia (Beginners luck)
Jan M (Owns a home-trainer in front of the computer)
Marjon (Just biking, no Pong experience)
Padeluun (RathingerHof Dusseldorf 1978 is were he learned it)
Cristoph (An original one "Quelle" with gun shooting 1/2)
Syntax (Ages ago: made a Pong game for Windows once)
Victoria (Somewere in the 80' an original tv Pong)
Nanette (Never played Pong before, but's lots of fun)
Inez (Knew it, but is more into Tetris)
Reinoud (Played for years on Euro-level with ABN game computer)
Marianne (Never used Pong since brothers casette game for C-64)
Nhung (Never played it before)
P2 (Once wrote it for Apple II)
2 x Reinz (Powered the Power Pong-chip)
Fra (Played it in a Bistro in the 80')
Boris (His opponent was very bad)
Oliver & Axel (Friendship game)
Jeff (Not fast enough little Grasshopper)
Morbius (Drank a lot of beer)
Tarek (Speeding is not cheating)
Jean (Champion du monde!!)
Walther (Today he was stronger then the ball)
Eilko (Acorn electron experience long long time ago)
Roddy (Very lucky played it 15 years ago)

Saturday 11-08-2001
Jip (Used to play it long time ago on tv video game of grandma)
Latjarda (Sense of direction)
Avier (Programmed own home Pong with Turbo Pascal)
Selba (# no comment)
Tom (Used to play Adventure)
Marleen (Her first computer game was Pong)
Geke (Hacked the bike bug)
Mark (Won by Power)
Blacque-Jacques (With my dog chasing behind me)
Laura (Prefers this to twitch games)
Arash (Prefers to loose games)
2 x Harko (Played it when he was small and found it cool)
PM 20 (Wasn't born when Pong came...)
2 x Christiaan (Played too many Pong spin-offs)
Christophe (Was defaced by i/vfs)
Priscilla 11 (don't know just beginners luck)
2 x Richard 10 (Fast steering)
Tina (Finally got the hang of it)
Guido (We didn't know what we are doing)
Hans (Had a Philips Pong as a kid)
Bert (Lots of biking)
Muriel (My first game I played when I was 10 with my sister)
2 x Bas 28 (Is as old as Pong so he won)
Jan-Pieter (Used the speed up trick)
Kees (Brother made a Pong movie with people as bat)
Pierre (Played table tennis)
Joris (Years of intensive training)
Murali (Played bricks on a dos box)
Bert (Knows the tricks of his opponent)
Sonja (Moved to Holland & second try with secret tricks)
Frunobulax (Owned once a ZX-81 and programmed Pong)
Marie Jose (Never played Pong before)
Benjamin Traube (Never played Pong)
Harzilein (Played it sometimes)
Sol (It is favourite game. When having it around plays it every day )
Joseph (Played it as a child Philips Pong)
Bryan (First computer experience at 747 Boeing plane)
3 x Bishop (Drank more beer then his opponent)
5 x Theo (Drank less beer then his opponent)
2 x Dave (Big fan of Frank Black song called Pong)
Ivo (Opponent turbo did not work)
Mo0gles (Is the best)
6 x Jens (Changed the speed quicker then his opponent)
Brian (Has superior genetics) Opponent does not agree
Spiff (Has a Pong coprocessor)
Wolfgang (Beginners luck)
2 x Gerd (Begin in gambling rooms)
Valium (31ee7 h4+0R)->T0xic
Axle (Learned it yesterday)
Magnus (From way-back in the 80')
Jean-Jauques (He is brighter and faster)
Philippe (Right moment acceleration)
2 x Bobcat (fun)
Cr0w (Because being the best)
DarkEye (Had the ZX-81 game when young)
None (elite player)
Johntoe (Always played Pong)
Dillo (not much)
Frank (Played it first on a C-64)
Jochem (Just had to stretch his legs for a moment)
Berber (Won due to good instructions by Diana in Slacker Saloon)
Mo (tactics)
Benten (Won because it was not necessary )
2 x Kim (His partner was even worse then him)
3 x Angela (Opponent had problems getting used to it)
Rocky (Has Pong as a kid)
Scsprung (Wallowing in nostalgia)
Benjamin (Played Break-out, cloned a Break-out game & driving)
Blow (Was faster and drunk)
Tovenaar & Janina (Natural talent)
Ilja (Physical and chemical talent)
Paul (Played when he was 3 years old on a early Pong 4 games in 1)
Tink (No. 1 Para Power Pong!)
Thran (cdlri)

Sunday 12-08-2001
  Yuwei (Opponent choosen on slowness)
Stephan (Dominating)
Maaike (Only play to win)
Richard (why not)
Tim (A friend had an Atari console)
Rop (Faster...Faster...)
4 x Lez (Cool)
Inv (Had an original Pong game)
2 x Casto (Always wasted Bitkid, since 1973)
Bitkid (Played it on a C-64)
Chris (Guarana)
Andy (Has a lot of dutch blood in him now)
Mathias (Doing bicycling without thinking)
Robert (Build it once at the HTS)
Lenneke (I want Power Pong in my house too!) I Never played the real Pong)
Kerry (Had one as a child)
Dennis (Finally after 3 days & f150.- guilders (entrance of HAL) I won)
Peter (Because he wore cool glasses)

Special honorary goes to next candidates:
Saturday Tink See also winner list at Saturday; Para Pong with only 1 functional leg
Sunday Marjo After loosing several times: "My broom did not help me."

Mathilde µP production, 2001 HAL2001