Multi Media Excess 1995

Mathilde μP

   Sing your way through WWW

This installation replaces the mouse of the computer. Nowadays almost everything which accepts mouse input seems to be called a multimedia application. Computer ads and announcements make believe that it would be thrilling to at least try it out and be astounded with your own creativity. But the longer one sits at a multimedia desktop the less 'star-born' one feels. Time to get rid of that crippling mouse and get in action.

Multimedia Excess allows people to regain their glamour. And gives the opportunity to discover their true multimedia star capacity by using vocal tones to navigate through the web. Or just playback hip swinging like an Elvis of the new era by steering the mic pole around. It can also be used for vocal drawings meaning the ultimate test of ones vocal control and movement.

Because Multimedia Excess reacts on tones with hardware help and uses volume for speed of movement it is usable for any voice; Male or female shy or loudmouth. It just requires multimedia star attitude.

Multimedia Excess is originated by Mathilde µP fall 1995. Looking at the inner electronic parts the 'mouth interface' which translates the microphone input to digital pulses is a dedicated design and product made by Michiel Kwakernaat. This object has previous been exhibited at Springtij festival Utrecht, Geben und Nehmen Pluschau Germany.

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