Mathilde µP (

Most of my electronic installations are reference to the physical experience of the virtual world of computing. The hardware side of computers are a source of inspiration. On the other hand graphic (including) web art is for me an alternate way of communicating.

My creative skills are also ventilated in work in assignement ; In the past I have designed several websites, created the PenServer -a pre smartphone concept of portable pocket computing- and developped an on-line voting game.

Being an autodidact at start-up gave me the opportunity to experiment with a variety of skills and media; from noise music up to photography. In 2007 I graduated at the Photoacademy Amsterdam. For recent information see also my current website

Quotation Diana Ozon;

"Kunstenares Mathilde muPe ontwerpt en bouwt kunstwerken, electronische instalaties en projecten waarbij futuristische technieken zich aanpassen aan de basisbehoeften van de primaat homosapiens."

Quotation Armin Medosh;

"MuPe experimentiert mit ihren Arbeiten am Quell- Code selbst und entwirft, bei aller technischen Beschlagenheit, sinnliche Gegenentwürfe zu den Computern, so wie wir sie kennen. Ob mit ihrer Web-Site oder mit dem Steinzeit Computer, jedesmal scheint es ihr Ziel zu sein, Sinnlichkeit und Emotion in die Netzwelt zu bringen."

A selection of exibitons:
Heu Lelystad, Netherlands    aug. 1993    The Stone-Age terminal placed at computer camping event by xs4all to introduce internet to public
Economische Zaken Den-Haag, Netherlands    Jan. 1995 The Stone-Age Computer at ministry of economic afairs
Binnelandse Zaken Den-Haag, Netherlands    Mrt. 1995 The Stone-Age Computer at ministry of internal afairs
Telepolis Luxembuorg, Luxembourg    Nov. 1995 The Stone-Age Computer, mixed exhibition
Springtij festival Utrecht, Netherlands    Dec. 1995 Multi Media Excess, mixed exhibition
Geben und Nehmen   Pluschow, Germany 1996 Multi Media Excess, mixed exhibition
HAL 2001   Twente, Netherlands Aug. 2001 Power Pong at computer camping event at TU Twente
Waag   Amsterdam, Netherlands April 2003 Multi Media Excess, performance at the launch of the documentaire Hippies From Hell (Ine Poppe)

A selection of assignments:
The Stone-Age Computer x-large Silicon Graphics, Netherlands    Oct. 1993    This enhanced version was exhibited at the introduction of Indy computer in the Netherlands
Grunge Calculator Ministy of internal afairs, Netherlands    Mrt. 1995 Prize object for web innovative projects
A-Maze Te/epolis on-line, Germany dec. 1995 One of the first web project at the Te/epolis site
PenServer Soops, Netherlands    Aug. 1998 Concept for smart computer-bridging PDA
Bookcover Hartspanne Diana Ozon 2009 Design and photography for the poetry book Hartspanne by Diana Ozon

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